Senior SEO/Web-Analysis Consultant

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What is this site about?

This is a rather technical site where I:

  • Continuously run most of my public Google-related tests
  • Host most of my older PHP/JS SEO scripts. I’m in a process of rewriting them into Node using Functional Programming philosophy. Those are hosted on different environments.
  • Leave some records about interesting cases I encounter both in SEO and Analytics.
  • Rumble.


The main aim for the site is to store and share solutions I found to some not-so-common issues encountered mostly by SEOs and Analysts. I used to conduct all the experiments privately, but then I found out that there are people who are interested in these details, so I decided to share some of the most obvious and easy to check experiments while keeping them running.


  • All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights
  • The quality of one’s work and thinking is up to their conscience
  • Brevity is the soul of wit
  • People should not do what can be done equally well, but automatically
  • If the horse is dead, Dismount
  • Some profound text goes here 🙂

What I love in my work:

  • Finding valuable business opportunities and low-hanging fruits while analyzing complex sets of data
  • Achieving great efficiency by automating key routine processes in analysis, development and marketing
  • Seeing the results of my work
  • Being a subject mater expert