Development and IT

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Have been working in Web-development since 2006.

Web-development skills:

  • HTML5, semantic HTML
  • CSS3: Bootstrap, Flat UI, LESS, SASS
  • PHP: xml-rpc, curl, mysqli, REST API, Yii2
  • JS: Jquery, Ajax, AngularJS
  • Python: Django
  • .htaccess: mod_rewrite, mod_alias
  • Pascal, Ada, Java (android, applets (Jswing)), VBA, C#
  • Extensive experience in developing algorithms and technical system analysis
  • Web-services and scripts:

    • Have my own systems (based on my algorithms) for automated generated or copied content optimization and linking
    • Have my own “black-box” scripts for detecting website linking errors, malware, cloaking, paid links, etc
    • Have my own link checking scripts (for periodical check of bought links, their parameters and configuration)
    • Google Analytics, Webmaster, Adwords, Drive, Trends, Tag Manager, etc.
    • phpMyAdmin, Webmin, Cpanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, ISPmanager (preferably)
    • MOZ, Raven Tools, SERPFox, Majestic, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Asana, etc. (though I mainly rely on Google services)
    • Jira, Basecamp, Redmine, Github, Mantis
    • Domaintools, Askapache, Bing WMT

System administration skills:

  • PC/Server hardware projecting, installing, maintaining, diagnosing
  • Windows networks administrating
  • Debian/Centos web-servers (Apache/nginx+PHP/Python/Perl/other CGI+MySQL) configuring and diagnosing
  • MySQL databases administering (including work with stored functions and procedures, using console, phpMyAdmin, Navicat)

Even though I do have valuable skills in other IT-fields, I tend to treat them only as tangible support for my SEO analytical skills and understanding of ranking algorithms.