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Original content of the page:
This site was created using WordPress.
The theme is modified version of Twenty Twelve default WP theme.
It’s hosted on one of my VDSes.

Okay, for those of you who know a little of front, you would realize that the answer to this question is kinda obvious since you see tons of sites with Angular, Polymer and other such technologies that work just fine :). If G didn’t execute this kind of JS, they would never survive, so, surely, G executes and indexes JS. However, non-technical people wouldn’t recognize what might be obvious to you, so they would require a showcase.

The showcase

Beides giving a legend, this page also tests how G executes JS since guess what? This page’s title and h1 have been overwritten with a piece of pure JS in the source code right below this paragraph.

So now, how to test it?

  • Go get yourself a useful plugin capable of turning JS off quickly: Quick Javascript Switcher
  • Install and activate it.
  • Congrats! you now have this button in your browser: JS switcher screenshot
  • Now when it’s green, it means the default config. Means the plugin doesn’t intervene. When it’s red – JS is off.
  • Try to click it on this page. It reloads the page but turns off JS on the page, so you would see a different title and h1. You would see what backend has originally supplies, before JS rewrites it.

Here’s a screenshot:

screenshot of JS overwriting a title and an h1

Here’s what we have in GWT/GSC:

Google fetch and render results for $this page.


Google does index any on-the-fly H1/Title changes.

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