SEO and Analysis

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Have been successfully working with in web-marketing and white SEO field since 2010.

Web traffic analysis skills:

  • Have extensive experience working with Adobe Omniture (Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Analytics). Heavy employment of the Adobe Report Builder and Excel functionality, including VBA in conjunction with Omniture
  • Have been professionally working with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords analysis tools for more than seven years
  • Have diagnosed and addressed hundreds of specific traffic issues and phenomenons
  • Have experience in using local analysis tools and trackers, including web-server logs parsing and queueing
  • Have tens of successful cases of analyzing and increasing CTR on web-sites and in SERP
  • Always closely work with behavioral factors/usability

White SEO skills:

Techniques that are inline with search engines’ policies and advice.

  • Achieving synergy between SEO, PPC, SMM, PR and Branding
  • Deep technical on-page optimization (microformats, html improvements, keywords usage and density, hreflang, semantic html,  etc.)
  • Internal and external cross-linking, linking strategy development and troubleshooting.
  • Link builders and copywriters instructing, organizing, leading, controlling
  • Keywords researching, analyzing, grouping
  • SEO, context, branding, offline marketing and SMM strategies interconnecting

Gray SEO skills:

Techniques that are not inline with search engines’ policies and advice, but cannot be detected algorithmically. 

  • Satellite networks planning, creating, maintaining
  • Working with different kinds of link exchanges
  • Frames and redirections
  • Expired domain using
  • Web 2.0 platforms exploiting
  • Guest posting

Black SEO skills:

Techniques that can be detected relatively easily and the promoting site will be eventually banned. I haven’t been employing them since 2012.

Other internet-marketing tools:

  • Have experience in creating, optimizing and maintaining context ads
  • Have experience of work with banner ads
  • Experience in SMM and e-mail marketing is just enough to support SEO and analysis skills.