Calculate SEO ROI

Calculator for determining potential profit from SEO

SEO Expert's Level

SEO expert's influence on a project is hard to overstate.

One may believe that it's enough to just do what a popular source of SEO news claims, but it's not true.

In fact, the vast majority of the articles on the web do more harm than good. Hence, following them is not the optimal way to spend the budgets apriori.

Analysis Capabilities

Analysis. Often underestimated, but brings real value to the promotion, nevertheless. Ability to prove theories and results, troubleshoot anomalies and make valid conclusions.


Very important factor, influencing the difficulty of promotion. High competition means expensive promotion.


Budget is the SEO's expenses: copy, links, mentions, software, services, etc. It is possible to conduct SEO with no budgets, but the efficiency would decrease.

Traffic History

Traffic history is very important for analysis. It is very useful to know the definition of normal for a website's traffic. When it goes up or down, how to measure results correctly, etc.

Marketing Performance

Marketing is quite important for SEO performace since SEO can work in synergy with SMM, PPC, E-mail, etc.


The proficiency and availability of web developers matters since they are the ones who implement SEO tasks.

Website Architecture

It is sometimes virtually impossible to optimize a website due to legacy issues. Thus the architecture is quite important

Risk Acceptance

Some degree of weighted risks is often rewarded in business.

Starting Point

What is the current state of the web-assets. Promoting something that already has the majority of traffic might be challenging.

Development And Growth Potential

It is hard to grow if a company has no such plans.
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